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Shiao-Ling Yu

yuProfessor of Chinese

OFFICE: 240 Kidder Hall
PHONE: (541) 737-3943
FAX: (541) 737-3563
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Ph. D. in Chinese literature, University of Wisconsin at Madison

M.A. in Chinese literature, University of Kansas

M.S. in chemistry, Boston College

B.A. in chemistry, Caldwell College


Third-Year Chinese, Chinese Culture (Traditional and Modern), Modern Chinese

Literatures and Film


Modern Chinese Language and Literature and Chinese drama (classical and modern).

Her current research project is focused on Lao She's dramatic works: Modern Chinese drama (huaju) has been closely linked to the social and political conditions of the country ever since its introduction to China in the early twentieth century. Its use of spoken dialogue and realistic portrayal of life made it an ideal vehicle to promote social reforms, to be used as wartime propaganda, and to serve politics as Mao Zedong called for in his “Yan’an Talks on Literature and Art” (1942), which remained the official policy until the late 1970s. Shiao-ling Yu examines the relationship between politics and theater by focusing on the dramatic works of Lao She (1899-1966), one of the most important modern Chinese writers. His twenty-two plays were written during a thirty-year period of cataclysmic changes in China, including the Japanese invasion, and shift of government from Nationalist to Communist. The plays illuminate the function of drama in contemporary Chinese society and how changing political climates affect the production and reception of dramatic works.


“Politics and Theater in the PRC: Fifty Years of Teahouse on the Chinese Stage,” forthcoming in Asian Theatre Journal 30.1 (spring, 2013).

“The Bus Stop by Gao Xingjian,” in The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Drama, New York: Columbia UP, 2010.

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“The Chinese Communist Revolution Reexamined: A Recent Play about Li Dazhao,” accepted for presentation at the ICAS 8, Macao, P. R. China, 24-27 June 2013. ICAS= International Convention of Asian Scholars

“Putting New Wine in Old Bottles: Lao She’s Adaptation of Folk Drama,” Association for Asian Performance Annual Conference, Washington DC, 1-2 August 2012.3.


Conducting joint research on comparative linguistics and pedagogy with Professor Xu Sanyi from Toyo University, Tokyo, 2012-13.

Conducted jointed research on modern Chinese literature in Taiwan with Professor Hyun-guk Hwang from Dankook University, Korea, 2009-10.